About Califexas Farms

We are a small breeding goat farm for ADGA and AGS registered Nigerian Dwarfs located in Seguin, TX. Our mission is to breed and raise the healthiest and highest quality of goats that match a variety of lifestyles and purposes. All goats are guaranteed to be CAE, CL, and Johnes negative when they leave our farm. Every one of our goats tested at least once a year. The last date the entire herd was tested and came back negative was March 6, 2019. Each buckling and doeling are polled (naturally without horns) or disbudded and will be registered prior to leaving our farm. 

We are located on fourteen acres and pride ourselves in allowing our goats to have open grazing instead of remaining penned up. If possible, we also choose not to bottle feed as we strongly encourage natural development of kids and weaning from the dam. Kids will be ready to go to their new home as soon as they are safely weaned off of their mothers which is at least eight weeks from birth.