Are Nigerian Dwarfs the right fit for you?

Known as milking goats

Nigerian Dwarf does (females) are well-known and desired for milking traits and produce the sweetest and creamiest milk of all goat breeds. They do not produce milk year round, only during a period known as their "freshening" which occurs when they are pregnant and having kids

Goats are herd animals

You must have at least one goat already, or plan on purchasing two. Goats are herd animals and must have a friend just like you. Do not just have one solo goat, or they will be very sad.

Goats are not lawn mowers

If you are looking to get a goat just to be a lawn mower, look somewhere else. Goats can be selective, and choose to be browsers over grazers

Looking for a pet?

Nigerian Dwarf wethers (castrated males) are typically the best fit for those looking for goats as pets. Any buckling (uncastrated) can be wethered before leaving our farm if you so choose

Goats are escape artists

Ensure that you have the proper facilities in place to house your goats to include an enclosure with at least four foot high fencing, a covered area in case of inclimate weather, and ability to connect heat lamps or provide indoor housing during the wintertime

Kid friendly

Nigerian Dwarf goats are well known for being even-tempered and child friendly. They are very playful and easily trainable. They make great pets or starter animals for 4-H clubs, FFA, and livestock shows

Before you buy:

What is ADGA?

The American Dairy Goat Association has existed since 1904 chronicling pedigrees and conducting livestock shows throughout the US

CAE, CL, Johnes Disease

Our herd is tested annually for Caprine Arthritic Encephalitis (CAE), Caseous Lymphadenitis (CL), and Johnes Disease to ensure that your goat goes home disease free

Buyer's Agreement

Print, Review, and sign the buyer's agreement before purchase of any goat

What is AGS?

The American Goat Society was founded in 1935 and registers purebred goats and also conducts livestock shows. 

Non-refundable deposits

If you would like to reserve a goat, we require a non-refundable deposit of $200 for registered goats and $100 for non-registered goats. Receipt will be provided and goat will be ready to leave the farm upon completion of weaning from its dam.

Wethered Goats

If you choose to have a buckling wethered before taking it home as a pet, we are happy to provide that service to you at no cost, but a full non-refundable payment is required upfront. We will also provide the tetanus anti-toxin that accompanies the castration.

Califexas Farms Buyer's Agreement

Califexas Farms Buyers Agreement (pdf)